Advanced Text Formatting

  • Character and paragraph styles
  • Manual tracking for accurate typesetting
  • Baseline grid aligns text across frames
  • Optical margins
  • Font preview

Vector and Object Editing Tools

  • Bezier curves
  • Ready-to-go primitive shapes
  • Create advanced shapes with generators
  • Detailed control via nodes and control points

Layout Tools

  • Templates and asset library
  • Layer transparencies and blending
  • Alignment and distribution tools
  • Guides and grids

Cross-Platform Working

  • Runs on most common operation systems such as: Windows; Mac OS X; Linux, and others
  • Open file format for documents
  • Integration with third-party software such as GIMP, Photoshop and LaTeX

Color Management

  • Color spaces: RGB, CMYK, Lab, Spot Colors
  • Gradients and pattern fills
  • Color palettes
  • Color blindness simulation

Output and Printing

  • Pre-flight verifier to check output
  • PDF 1.3 to PDF X/3 supported
  • Bleeds and printer marks
  • Automatic image compression
  • Resource collection for transfer between machines

Impressive File Support

  • Imports from: IDML, CDR, AI, PUB, PMD, SVG, EMF, and more…
  • Exports to: PDF, SVG, EPS, JPG, PNG, and more…
  • Image files supported: JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, KRA, and more…

Non-Destructive Effects

  • Image effects: Blur, Grayscale, Color Tint, Contrast, Curves, and more…
  • Object effects: Contour Styles, Transparency, and more…


  • Flexible workspace
  • Scripter for automation
  • Plugin support